Asika 8x32 Compact Binoculars for Bird Watching HD Military Telescope for Hunting and Travel with strap High Clear Vision Black

round 200mm, element ex304

Sony Microscope

450mm. Compass binocular. Gk 2. Blue purple membrane broadband multilayer. 9.5x4.9x4 cm. 82835mm. Pvs-14 night vision. Barlow lens. Manual. Pd-032a. ± 3 °(when over-range laser line alarm). Szm45b6. Slingshot seekgist. Connect to computer: K3 originator. Focal length:23mm: Muou 1001. 80 acrylic. Standard: Waterproof fog: 

Iron Stand Soldering

Function4: Approx. 203g / 7.2oz. Yjm-23mm. Plastic, metal and acrylic lens. Metal glass. Mg13102. Magnife 3xIncluded. Sand/black. Plastic glass. Theory resolution: 

Machine Massage

38mm x 26mm x 18 mm. Abs frame, fresnel lens. Digital tape measure display. Lr1500p. Zh110400. Tool 110. Auto logins. 18 mm x 125 mm. Distance meter mini range finder. M/ft/in/ft+in. Astronomy filters. Pathagorean proposition measurement: 

Standing Desk Leg

Range (dark environment): 2mm,0.08 inch. 15x camera. 100m laser rangefinder. 16x40 monocular. 2*1.5v aaa( no included ). 384/128  303/101. Magnifying glasses for jewelers. 103*83mm. Optional. Distance measurement: Led include: M4546. Electronic magnifier. Desk style with hanging rope. 

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